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Gold Marking on Electronic Packaging

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Finally a Gold marking process that does not remove the plating!  Electronic devices are plated with 50 micro inches of Gold over 200 micro inches of Nickel.  All previous attempts at laser marking vaporized both Gold and Nickel exposing the base metal Kovar which corrodes.  The Laser Mark’s Company “Light Touch” process just kisses the top layer at the point of coupling and then stops reaction.  This is why it is critical to define that transition point between reflection and laser coupling.   The process is made possible using the magic of Wave Forms on the MOPA fiber lasers.   The pulse width is shortened, and the power density is increased such that only the top surface of the gold is ablated.  This process is perfect for military, aerospace, and other devices destined for harsh environments.  Process is also possible with the new SPI EP-S-J series of lasers


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