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Laser Mark’s Company Adds 4th MOPA Fiber Laser

MOPA fiber opens the door to many competitive advantages for etching, polishing, trimming, marking, engraving, serializing, micro welding, thin metal cutting and coloring on all sorts of materials.

Mr. Laser has written an article for Optics and Photonics News to describes this exciting new technology.  Click on this link to read the full article.


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NEW Electronic Notification for Completed Lots

As soon as jobs are complete, we now email you with the invoice containing PO and process details.  This will be the quickest and most secure means to provide this alert for your drivers.   It is the goal of Laser Mark’s Company to be your JUST-IN-TIME laser process provider.  Over time we hope to have all our customers Accounts Payable emails on this system as well.  This will lower processing costs for everyone and contribute to greener manufacturing.   Please make sure we have the best email addresses for your convenience.

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New Web Site Goes Live

3 months in the making. Days of discussion, Hundreds of photographs, nearly a dozen outside links, and Hours and hours of labor by the fine people at 1st Source Web has produced this new look for Laser Mark’s Company.  We are very proud of it and know you will love it too.  Expect a lot of technical information on laser processing to be put up on this site.  We are here to help our customers succeed.   Be sure to visit our YouTube “Laser Mark’s Company” channel as well.

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New HOT/Cold Dual Mirror Beam Splitter

This custom Laser Mark’s unit is designed to solve the flaws of current splitters on the market.   The Hot mirror is 99%+ reflective, and it can be adjusted for perfect centering and then locked into place.   That ability to adjust and then solidly lock is non-trivial as once the splitter is attached one must be certain the beam is straight down the bore.  It must not be allowed to move once set.  The Cold mirror blocks an addition 97% of the 1% of  IR going to the camera.  Its target can be moved to match the cross hairs on the video display.  This is where flexibility is required. Better than 2micron per pixel of resolution can be achieved in the center of the field  with the FT100 lens.

Price  $2995 for splitter and mounts  with camera for an optional $1200.


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New Research Laser Goes Online at UCSD

Custom designed by Laser Mark’s Company, this system utilizes a single mode Extended Pulse Control MOPA fiber laser.  It can be configured to mark spot sizes from less than 10 microns on  small fields, and  <35 micron spots over 178mm square fields.  The precision X-Y and Z axis have sub-micron repeatability over 250mm of travel.  The Laser Mark’s designed video beam splitter provides the targeting for precision alignment.  The screen in the photo displays crosshairs engraved by the laser itself.  The system will be used by post graduate students to develop micro fluidic heat sinks, and nano particle ablative transfer along with dozens of other advanced research projects.