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2 New Systems at Laser Mark’s Company

We have upgraded our equipment to offer customers  a stronger Research and Development  System and a wide field Production System ready for automation.

The MrLaser, Inc. Research System provides a platform for 70w-200W pulse units and can be configured  to support salvo delivery of up to 1kW of CW power.  It has a digital 600 x 250 x 400mm table.  In addition to its high end Winlase control program, MrLaser, Inc. Research System supports the custom built “Laser Table” front end interface for targeting multiple pre-made jobs. The software includes fiducial axis transformation.    This is perfect for welding or ablation of large irregular part arrays.


To the left of MrLaser is the new Cobalt XL Gantry Production System.   Its integrated motion has a marking area of 900mm x 300mm x  200mm (or more with simple mechanical adjustment.     The XL Gantry automatically stitches together large DXF and .Ai files into a single uninterrupted pattern.  This means an entire 900 mm wide tray of components can be marked from one drawing Note the pop out doors are pre-cut to convert this machine for flow through processing.

So please develop your processing at Laser Mark’s Company.  We then can build your high end custom Research or Production systems at a highly competitive price.


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Laser Mark’s Company Now Sells LMT High Volume Production Laser Systems

While we continue to make custom systems for Research and Development, we have listened to customer needs for more focused Turn-Key laser systems for production.

After an extensive search, MrLaser is now the exclusive west coast distributor for Laser Mark Technology production systems.  LMT builds these systems in Michigan from the finest international parts. Best of all, the LMT systems have fully integrated laser control and motion.  We have worked with LMT management team for nearly a decade and are certain  they have the finest tool for high volume production processing.

The Cobalt XL can. continuously mark large arrays and large parts across a 36″ by 18′ field while still maintaining the smallest footprint.  This is accomplished utilizing their extremely sturdy moving head X-Z gantry which is mated seamlessly to the Y axis. A rock solid design coupled with intuitive software that provides the largest marking field access in the smallest space.

Additionally, LMT offers  the perfect table top system for smaller jobs to be done anywhere safely because it is built to US FDA CDRH Class I standards. (No more awkward updates from China 2025 standards).  The eCobalt is perfect for office or machine shop.

LMT machines support many optional configurations for optics and lasers that Mr Laser can help you configure for specific needs.   There is a 2 year warranty on all parts as well as a 3 year laser factory warranty.

And as part of the service, MrLaser provides hands on training as well as consulting services to make this lower cost system achieve customer needs.

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Why I was slow to return calls last week

Ok here is my big question for all you Photonics buffs and Laser geeks:

My friend Tim takes a high speed photo of the eclipse and it looks like the first one. You see a small inner Corona, and even some red prominences.  They stream away from the sun though there is a hint of red rolling over the moon.  My photo (the second) was taken with a longer exposure and captures both the inner and outer Corona, (with a clean dividing line). But look what happened to the prominences!   They defused over the surface of the moon.

Tim's Photo

Cropped August 21 MB 2

Can some one explain how this happens. The moon has no atmosphere and the sun is 93 million miles behind it.  Was it diffraction of the light passing over the tips of the mountains  on the moon?  Or was it like my daughter Miesha explained: “The Red was wax wrapping around the green cheese”.

As for the experience of the totality itself:

The Dark comes on fast. In a blink it swept past the hills near by and, before I could turn around, covered the ones in the distance. Actually noticed Jupiter first as I turn back and then saw that orb that captivates.   Tom recalls the sudden drop in temperature; Stan called it life changing as the birds went silent.

5000 feet up in a forest opening with a few hundred campers in Malheur National Forest in Oregon. A make shift city sprung up as all the campsites were gone a week ago. Good people, friends, and their family.  (I’m standing behind Amir and Dusanka)

3 guys, 1500 miles in a rented sensational Ford Expedition, 3 nights, and incredible memories.  Plus the last night in Reno was OK too.





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Medical Titanium Colors

titanium-colorsLaser Mark’s Company has just entered into a licensing agreement with Crashtag to provide the widest range of colors on medical grade titanium.   While some titanium colors are easy to achieve, Crashtag has spent the past year to extend the rainbow of color options including the difficult to achieve Green.  All the formulas were created on a Laser Mark’s Company customized Model 2016-1064 marking system.   The optics and laser mode have been optimized to provide pure oxide colors with the least diffraction effects. Laser systems can be built in Laser Mark’s Standard Class I enclosures, or built directly onto existing production lines.   Our agreement with Crashtag enables them to provide installation training of their proprietary color formulas.  This partnership insures the most  rapid adoption of this technology onto a stable production platform.  Contact Laser Mark’s Company for further details.


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Laser Mark’s Company Integrates Polygon Scanners Powered by SPI MOPA Lasers

Laser Mark’s Company is now  the integrator of choice for Lincoln Lasers line of  polygon scanners by developing the a working interface to the new SPI 2MHz 50 watt laser.

The SPI MOPA’s ability to fire up to 2000 kHz allows high power and cost effective  laser pulses to keep up with the incredible speeds and accuracy of Lincoln’s PolyTech and HyperScan heads.

5240-polytek_au1-compressedScan speeds for traditional 2D and 3D scan heads top out around 20 meters per second with most processing being done well below 6 meters per second.

Polygon scanner operate by bouncing laser beams off  multiple mirrors rotating at high speed.

The HyperScan head from Lincoln Laser offers the accuracy of a galvo scan head at POLYGON scan speeds of hundreds of meters / second!

Even at scan speeds approaching 200 meters per second, the Hyperscan head can achieve spot resolution of <3μm and repeatability of <± 10μm in the X and Y axis.

The SPI EP-S J series type laser has multiple wave forms and the ability to pulse up to 2000kHz for use on plastics and films.  And the SPI laser has sufficient pulse energy to mark directly on raw and plated metals at very high speeds.

Using a cost effective MOPA Laser,  the Lincoln Laser provides the Highest Speed, On Demand Printing without any consumables, nozzles, UV curing or inks.   Laser Mark’s Company can bring this capability to your production line.

As the following video shows, at 1500 kHz,  the 50 watt air cooled SPI EP-S J  can etch two labels of text and QR code on to anodized aluminum in 200 milliseconds and uncoated steel at 250 milliseconds.    Don’t Blink!

high-speed-on-metal-can        high-speed-on-anodize

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Table Top Class 1 Laser System rounds out product offering

Class I Table Top System

Class I Table Top System


Laser Mark’s Company announces the addition of a CDRH Class I Table Top Laser System perfect for trade shows and conventions. The first of the line is already in service in a major mall etching custom credit cards for Lion Industries.  Designed for use with SPI’s line of MOPA fiber lasers, the Table Top unit provides fast marking with it’s pulsing beam and Galvo Scan head.

This offering adds to our line of customized industrial enclosures designed for R&D and Production.   The Standard Cabinet for for the Lab or Machine Shop where small to medium parts need processing.  It has been mated with up to 100 what laser sources and 2D and 3D scan heads.    Plenty of room is available for X-Y and Z stages for volume precision production.  The HD Cabinet is used for applying energy to either larger devices, or for developing custom laser chambers for exotic materials processing.


Laser Mark’s Company makes the tools for customization for advanced technology.




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Renovations ahead of 27th Anniversary Celebration at Laser Mark’s Company

Months in the Making….Walls removed… floors ripped up….. and Pretty soon the celebration will begin!   We worked through dust and noise; paint and trim, new doors and floors till epoxy fumes finally shut us down for a few days.

Demolition and Dust

Demolition and Dust

Laser Mark’s Company has opened up its work space  to do more than accommodate additional laser platforms.  The new  open floor plan makes it easier to speed  processing  parts for our many customers that require quick turn through put.

Open Plan with space for new systems

Open Plan with space for new systems

Upgrading both Single Mode MOPA and CO2 with new stages, and programmable focusing

Upgrading both Single Mode MOPA and CO2 with new stages, and programmable focusing

And the back room has also been re-configured with new material carts and mobile tool and supply storage to make optical change overs go quickly.

Multiple staging locations are easily accessible for material buffers during processing.   Finished Goods and Work in Progress  now have a dedicated shipping and receiving door with many documents now being process electronically.

Research and Development with a new fume controlled enclosure for CO2 processing with motorized focus control on the 3 axis system

All this to be ready for our 27th anniversary celebration coming soon. There will be wine and food to be shared with our favorite friends and associates   Stay tuned.

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Gun Engraving at Laser Mark’s Company

AR-15 Aluminum Receiver

AR-15 Aluminum Receiver

Maple Wood Stock

Maple Wood Stock

M1911 Steel Receiver

M1911 Steel Receiver

The 211 Division AR-15's

The 211 Division AR-15’s

Block Steel Slide

Glock Steel Slide

Precision, artistic, and permanent marking on many different surfaces. Laser Engraving will never replace traditional scroll work from an artisan. Yet laser marking adds the ability to rapidly make custom designs.  Adding pulse control from MOPA Fiber Lasers allows for variable depths, remelts, textures, and contrasts.   AR-15 Receivers are marked with a the “211” Division logo of the SJ Police. The same logo was etched onto a wood stock for a gift for the retiring Lieutenant as well as the M1911 belonging to the Desk Sergeant. And note the Cross on the Glock21 slide. Zoom in on the photo and note that  the engraving is both  deep and smooth.  This is due to the versatility of MOPA wave forms which can create a clean surface that does not attract rust.  Laser Mark’s Company has all the tools!