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Gold Marking on Electronic Packaging

Finally a Gold marking process that does not remove the plating!  Electronic devices are plated with 50 micro inches of Gold over 200 micro inches of Nickel.  All previous attempts at laser marking vaporized both Gold and Nickel exposing the base metal Kovar which corrodes.  The Laser Mark’s Company “Light Touch” process just kisses the top layer at the point of coupling and then stops reaction.  This is why it is critical to define that transition point between reflection and laser coupling.   The process is made possible using the magic of Wave Forms on the MOPA fiber lasers.   The pulse width is shortened, and the power density is increased such that only the top surface of the gold is ablated.  This process is perfect for military, aerospace, and other devices destined for harsh environments.  Process is also possible with the new SPI EP-S-J series of lasers



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New Research Laser Goes Online at UCSD

Custom designed by Laser Mark’s Company, this system utilizes a single mode Extended Pulse Control MOPA fiber laser.  It can be configured to mark spot sizes from less than 10 microns on  small fields, and  <35 micron spots over 178mm square fields.  The precision X-Y and Z axis have sub-micron repeatability over 250mm of travel.  The Laser Mark’s designed video beam splitter provides the targeting for precision alignment.  The screen in the photo displays crosshairs engraved by the laser itself.  The system will be used by post graduate students to develop micro fluidic heat sinks, and nano particle ablative transfer along with dozens of other advanced research projects.


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Custom Clean Room Vertical Part Marker

A challenging application where a  clean room part can not be  handled except when held vertical by its custom white Delrin jig. Additionally, space limitations  prevent building a large safety chamber.  Plus the part itself is so clean, that it can not be touched by normal contact materials. And operators must visually adjust the position of the variable mark.    Laser Mark’s solution is to use a proximity sensor and a slip back windowed light box.  Nothing contaminates the work and no laser operation can be performed without a part being in place.  When there is no off -the-shelf solution, call on Laser Mark’s Company!blog1a blog1