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Gold Marking on Electronic Packaging

Finally a Gold marking process that does not remove the plating!  Electronic devices are plated with 50 micro inches of Gold over 200 micro inches of Nickel.  All previous attempts at laser marking vaporized both Gold and Nickel exposing the base metal Kovar which corrodes.  The Laser Mark’s Company “Light Touch” process just kisses the top layer at the point of coupling and then stops reaction.  This is why it is critical to define that transition point between reflection and laser coupling.   The process is made possible using the magic of Wave Forms on the MOPA fiber lasers.   The pulse width is shortened, and the power density is increased such that only the top surface of the gold is ablated.  This process is perfect for military, aerospace, and other devices destined for harsh environments.  Process is also possible with the new SPI EP-S-J series of lasers



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Precision Array Production

Laser Mark’s Company has wide field F-theta lenses combined with precision motion control.   Together we can create marking programs for high volume processing.  Time is money and with the right kind of fixturing, enable marking costs to be greatly reduced.  Laser Mark’s Company has 6 MOPA Fiber Laser systems in addition to Single Mode 2.2mJ high power DPY and a Galvo CO2.  Come to Laser Mark’s Company to develop a process to meet your needs.

Array 2

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Laser Mark’s Company Retires last Flashlamp YAG

Yes, the old Lee lasers have been put out to pasture.  (Actually they were sold off to a research institute at a university).   All our 1064nm lasers are now solid state.  This means no more variability in the quality of the mark as the lamps degrade over time.   All Laser Mark’s Company machines are now maintenance free.  That eliminates down time and makes pulse to pulse stability issues a thing of the past.   All laser pulses now are clones of each other.   We are the only job shop in Silicon Valley to be fully solid state in 1064nm and our CO2 system is sealed as well.   Come to Laser Mark’s Company for reliability and quick turn production.

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Mr. Laser Returns to Laser Mark’s Company

After 4 years working in the worlds finest laser labs, Mark Brodsky returned to rebuild, refresh and fully renovate Laser Mark’s Company.  His goal will be to update the company with the best tools in the industry.  New hardware; New Software; and perhaps soon a new facility.

We are adding new laser technology previously available to just the Fortune 500 companies.  Laser Mark’s Company is the only Job Shop in Silicon Valley with MOPA Fiber technology.  And we have Four of them!!!

Read the technical description on page 36 of this article from MepCon magazine

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Laser Mark’s Company Adds 4th MOPA Fiber Laser

MOPA fiber opens the door to many competitive advantages for etching, polishing, trimming, marking, engraving, serializing, micro welding, thin metal cutting and coloring on all sorts of materials.

Mr. Laser has written an article for Optics and Photonics News to describes this exciting new technology.  Click on this link to read the full article.

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NEW Electronic Notification for Completed Lots

As soon as jobs are complete, we now email you with the invoice containing PO and process details.  This will be the quickest and most secure means to provide this alert for your drivers.   It is the goal of Laser Mark’s Company to be your JUST-IN-TIME laser process provider.  Over time we hope to have all our customers Accounts Payable emails on this system as well.  This will lower processing costs for everyone and contribute to greener manufacturing.   Please make sure we have the best email addresses for your convenience.

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New Web Site Goes Live

3 months in the making. Days of discussion, Hundreds of photographs, nearly a dozen outside links, and Hours and hours of labor by the fine people at 1st Source Web has produced this new look for Laser Mark’s Company.  We are very proud of it and know you will love it too.  Expect a lot of technical information on laser processing to be put up on this site.  We are here to help our customers succeed.   Be sure to visit our YouTube “Laser Mark’s Company” channel as well.